Clovis East student stabbed by one of his peers

Clovis East student faces a felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon

Clovis, Fresno -

Thursday started off as a violent day at Clovis East High School, one student was cut with a knife during a fight with one of his peers.

Video of the incident quickly surfaced on social media and has been seen by thousands of people.

It shows two students in all out brawl kicking and punching, at one point during the fight a student was sliced with a knife in the area of his stomach.

The incident put parents and students in a state of panic and fear.

"I was really shocked," said gary Nagra, Student. "I don't want that to happen again that was pretty dangerous.  

Clovis school officials say the stabbing happened around 7:30 in the morning.

Officals say the student ran into a classroom saying he had been stabbed in the bathroom.

"A staff member was immediately able to offer first aid and get the student to the nurses office," said Kelly Avants, Chief Communications Officer for Clovis Unified.

Avants said the student did go to the hospital with his parents as a precautionary measure.

Meanwhile all 2,300 students at Clovis East were put on a modified lockdown.

"It just keeps students where they are so we can try and collect as much evidence as we can without having all of the students around us," said Tom Roberts, Captain with the Clovis Police Department

Reyburn Intermediate was also put on lockdown, and Reagan Elementary was placed on a facility alert.

When the lockdown was lifted many concerned parents showed up to the school to make sure their kids were ok.

"Definitely, sometimes we over look things because we think something like that could never happen here because we are in good part of town, but yeah it's just sad to see a thing like that happen in a really good school," said Yeu Cha, Parent

Clovis police say the suspect in the incident has been booked into juvenile hall for one felony count of assault with a deadly weapon.

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