Clovis driver arrested for allegedly exposing & touching himself

Clovis driver arrested for allegedly exposing & touching himself

CLOVIS, Calif. - Clovis police arrested Roman Holguin, 29, of Clovis after officers said he exposed and touched himself while driving next to a woman last Thursday near Shaw and Sunnyside.

"I mean that's not really a way you want to impress a woman, just kind of exposing yourself," said Clovis resident, Khary Livingston. 

Police said the woman was so disgusted, she wanted him caught. 

"She quickly turned away, she got upset and decided 'no he's not going to get away with this'" said Clovis PD Sgt. John Willow.

Police said the woman then followed Holguin snapping pictures of his license plate and his face. 

"So she wasn't in direct confrontation with the suspect, so she did some really safe things," said Sgt. Willow. "It also was good evidence to support the crime occuring."

Police arrested Holguin at his home Tuesday where they say he admitted to the crime. Police are looking into whether he's connected to a separate but similar incident from February 5th near Fowler and Ashlan. A woman reported to police a Hispanic man exposed himself while driving a white Volvo. That's the same car description Holguin was driving last Thursday.

"There could be more victims. There could be more incidents. We really would request the public to give us a call," said Sgt. Willow.

Police said Holguin has no history of sex crimes they know about. 

"This was kind of one of those cases where someone just popped up on the radar, so we're looking into it further," said Sgt. Willow.


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