City of Madera regulates residents growing pot indoors

City of Madera regulates residents growing pot indoors

MADERA, Calif. - While it's now legal to grow marijuana in California, you still have to abide by certain regulations depending on where you live. 

Madera City Councilman Charles Rigby said the council worked with Madera police to create an ordinance for residents wanting to grow pot inside their homes.

"It helps, it makes me feel safer as a father. I have two little boys," said Councilman Rigby.

The ordinance just went into effect January 8, 2017. Residents must have permits to grow up to six plants per home. The grow room can't be accessible to minors. The room must be hidden from public view, and you'll need proper ventilation so your neighbors don't smell it. The grow room must also be in compliance with building and fire code.

"My main concern is the quality of life. Marijuana alters the state of mind of people," said Councilman Rigby.

Madera Police Lieutenant Brian Esteves also has concerns with the new legalization of pot.

"What we found is that when people are aware you have a marijuana grow inside your house, you tend to typically be a victim of burglary or robbery," said Lt. Brian Esteves.

The permits will cost residents close to $150. The city may conduct random inspections to make sure you're following the rules.

Madera police made permits available this week and so far have not gotten any back. 

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