City of Lindsay to turn golf course into five permanent soccer fields

LINDSAY, Calif. - Some big changes for sports fans in the City of Lindsay. The City said they will be turning the Lindsay Municipal Golf Course on Tulare Road into a new soccer complex, where hundreds of kids will soon be able to play on their new permanent home field.

12-year-old Eric Hernandez said he has a passion for soccer, "I've been watching it but this is my first year joining in for the soccer team."

That soccer team, is the Lindsay Youth Soccer League. They normally play at the park in a small area or at the high school.

"Us as parents, as coaches too, because we here in Lindsay, it's so hard to get any fields," said Sandy Perez, a soccer mom.

Perez helped rally others in the area to ask for the much needed field. And thanks to some grant money, the City is turning their nine-hole Municipal Golf Course into a soccer complex - with two fields for adults and three for kids.

"It's crucial I think to the community for the kids to have some where to go," Bill Zigler, city manager for the City of Lindsay.

Zigler said over the years the golf course has had very little use and costing more than $44,000 to maintain.

So, with a grant of more than $300,000 - he said they're putting the money to better use.

"We're creating a new opportunity, I think for who Lindsay really is," Zigler said.

That's a soccer town.

Zigler said with a new pro soccer team in Fresno, fandemonium may be growing in the Central Valley.

But he said young fans have been passionate in Lindsay all along.

"We've got a soccer program occurring here where the director has already over 450 kids signed up," Zigler said. "They simply need a place to play and a place to practice and so that's the genesis of this."

Faustino Perez, the Lindsay youth soccer director said it's about time.

"I'm very excited and very happy, yes, until I see it done, I'll probably be even happier," Perez said.

Soon, a home field Hernandez will finally be able to play on with his siblings and friends.

"I love playing it because I'm with other people playing it," Hernandez said.

 The city manager said they hope to have the field ready for kids to play on by the fall.

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