China Peak closes due to warm temperatures

Long stretch of unseasonably warm temperatures causes ski resort to close

Huntington Lake, Calif. - A long stretch of unseasonably warm temperatures in the Sierra Nevada caused China Peak Ski Resort to close.

China Peak's general manager Tim Cohee says, "Almost none of us in the state have had any luck at all making snow. We sit here every night with staff ready to go being paid to basically wait for temperatures to drop and that just hasn't happened at all."

He says temperatures in Fresno have often been colder than at the ski area due to a persistent temperature inversion. 

"As we expected we had a pretty good run during the holidays because a lot of people were looking for something to do. So we had a tubing hill and skiing on the beginner hill.  Lots of lessons, lots of beginners.  But at this point things have died off and we're going to have to wait until we get natural snow or really cold temperatures."

Cohee says they'll reopen immediately if the weather changes.

"We get a couple of feet of snow, and we'll probably have almost the entire mountain open. It will be open that day. We will open the very day we get snow. We will not wait. We're not going to prepare. We will be ready to go the very second we can open this resort."

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