Child hurt by gunfire in Hanford gang shooting

Call Kings County Gang Task Force with info at 852-2991

Hanford, Calif. - Investigators with the Hanford Police Department are working with the Kings County Gang Task Force to get to the bottom of a shooting that happened last Friday night sending three people to the hospital including a four-year-old girl who was grazed by a bullet.

The City of Hanford is still reeling after gang violence erupted in a neighborhood last Friday. A 17-year-old boy and man in his 30s who cops both say have gang ties were shot, but now a terrifying development, a child was injured by a stray bullet.

"The four year old was the victim of a graze wound as a result of shrapnel being ejected from the round itself," said Frank Martinez of the Hanford Police Department.

The little girl was rushed to the hospital. She's in stable condition.

"We're human just like everybody else and it pulls on your heart strings when you have a child, especially a four year old," said Martinez. 

Now, the multi-agency gang task force is looking for the suspects who fired the shots. Patrol officers say foot traffic in the area of Scott and Redington often leads to trouble.

"We do have a lot of people who congregate in that area, people do seem to loiter and drink in that area," said Martinez. 

Randy Haro is a counselor for Champions in Hanford. He tries to help teens avoid the gang lifestyle.

"We're just trying to help them understand they don't have to go that way that they can go a different route, so we push education highly," said Haro. 

Haro says the flashing police lights in Hanford neighborhoods are raising eyebrows and are evidence the threat of gang violence in Hanford is real.

"I think this community is alarmed and shocked that individuals can walk up to two individuals and just shoot them and in the process the bullets fly everywhere and hit a four year old child," said Haro.

While investigators are working this case hard they say if any witnesses have information that can lead them to the suspects in the case please call Hanford Police, or the Kings County Gang Task Force at 852-2991. 

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