Central Valley Students Organize March For Our Lives Rally to Stop Mass Shootings

Central Valley Students Organize March For Our Lives Rally

Fresno - FRESNO, Calif. -- "We have just got to get something done," said Yasmin Mendoza, Clovis Community College Student.

Yasmin Mendoza a Clovis Community College student is saying enough is enough after the deadly school shooting in Florida.
"I was obviously scared and sad," said Mendoza.
Instead of praying, she said she finally decided to act.

She took to social media and started March For Our Lives Fresno. It is a part of a nationwide student movement.

"I think America has failed in keeping our youth safe in schools and that is not okay we need to do something about this," said Mendoza.

The Movement is about brining gun reform. Yasmin's plan though is a little different than some, she plans to hold a march on a Saturday, instead of a school walkout.

 "We want student speakers participating then a March," said Mendoza.

It is gaining traction other students in the Central Valley are starting to join the movement.

"We need to do more than that we need to take action and we need to go to a farther step," said Elyssa Eversole, high school student.

At Wednesday's Fresno Unified School Board members addressed the shooting and the copycat threats that followed right here in Fresno.

They urged parents and students to  report threatening social media. These are the threats that Yasmin hopes to put an end to.

"I want change. I am tired of this happening over and over again," said Yasmin.

Yasmin said the March will be on March 24th. She is still working to determine a time and location.

Here is the link to their twitter page:



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