Central Valley irrigation season kicks off

Monday, April 16th marks the first day of the 2018 irrigation season for the Central Valley.

"The more we can deliver this surface supply the better off we are when it comes to turning off our pumps and being able to charge that groundwater supply," said Ryan Jacobsen with Fresno Farm Bureau.

According to Bill Stretcher last months heavy rainfall was a turning point in the decision start the early deliveries and residual water supply from last year was key.

"Because last year was such a good year we actually carried some water over we were able to extend our water deliveries longer," Bill Stretch with Fresno Irrigation District.

Agriculture experts say farmers are not the only ones who benefit from the water supply but Fresno and Clovis residents as well.

"FID will take that water to the surface water treatment plant clean whatever needs to be cleaned and take it to taps throughout the city," concluded Jacobsen.

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