Eyewitness News Investigates: GM Recall

Published 06/20 2014 12:59PM

Updated 06/22 2014 09:53PM

General Motors has added half a million more cars to its recall list. That brings the total number of recalled cars, trucks and SUVs to 14.4 million, since January. The recall covers all of GM's brands - Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, Saturn, GMC, and Pontiac. Model years range from 2004 to new cars.

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CBS47's Zara Arboleda visited "Own A Car" at Bullard and Blackstone in Fresno. General Manager Lance Rice has a list of all the recalled cars. He's having his employees check it against his inventory, and contacting dealerships to schedule service appointments as soon as possible. "We don't want them to run out of parts of anything," Rice says. "We want to make sure all our cars are done before its on hold or sitting in a dealership for a week or two to get a recall done. So we take the list, we take it down there and get as many done as we can, so we don't have a problem."

Rice also points out that the DMV also works to protect consumers. When new registrations are filed and the car is currently on a recall watch, the DMV will stop the process until paperwork is submitted, showing the problem has been fixed.

AAA reminds anyone buying a car to check the make and models online, to make sure it's not under recall. If it is, ask for all documentation, showing that repairs were made. Then call the automaker and provide your current phone number and home address. That way, you will get notified if any future recalls are issued. "Make sure the vehicle manufacturer knows your current address and that it's updated," AAA Spokesperson Doug Shupe says. "Don't rely on the used car dealership or the private owner to let the manufacturer know that you are the new owner of the vehicle."

Click on the links to see the full GM recall list, to check any car on the federal government's website and to send Zara your story ideas.

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