Eyewitness News Investigates: Credit Card Scams

Published 07/14 2014 04:34PM

Updated 07/14 2014 07:45PM

     Larry Hendrickson of Fresno checks his credit and debit card statements frequently. A few weeks ago, he noticed a charge of $49.95 on his credit card bill. It was made to "ieptcs.com". There was also a 40¢ charge for an international transaction.
     Hendrickson did a Google search on the company, and found dozens of similar complaints from people around the country.
     The Better Business Bureau of Central California says that company operates under two dozen different names, charging less than $50 to people's accounts. "It seems to be that one just flies under the radar," says BBB president Blair Looney. "The banks aren't going to require any authorization on it and that's the way the credit card business is set up."
     Hendrickson immediately reported the suspicious charge to his credit card company, which credited back the full amount and sent him a new card. He says he now keeps tabs on his charges frequently: "Now I check it every day or every other day, but never any longer than that."
     If you spot suspicious activity on any of your accounts, call your credit card company or bank right away, cancel your account and order new cards and report the crime to the Better Business Bureau. The BBB keeps a database of these complaints.

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