CBS47, KSEE24 work with Red Cross to install free smoke alarms

The project is part of Founders Day of Caring

FRESNO, California - The KSEE 24 and CBS 47 news teams made their way through Fresno neighborhoods on Friday to install free smoke alarms a part of the American Red Cross' Home Fire Campaign.
It's part of an effort to honor the anniversary of the founding of our parent company Nexstar Media Group, and it's called Founders Day of Caring.
Fresno residents Enriqee Lopez and his family said they have a sense of security knowing they will be able to respond quickly in the case of a house fire.

"We feel good now more secure because you installed new alarm smoke," said Enriqee Lopez, resident.

Especially because 2 weeks ago Lopez said his smoke alarms were not working and fell off the wall.
The free fire alarms installed in Lopez's home are a part of the Red Cross's home fire campaign.

"The home fire campaign is a campaign to reduce home fire deaths and injuries by 25% over 5 years at the Red Cross," said Barry Falke, Executive Director, Red Cross.

Red Cross officials said last year teams installed 8,000 smoke alarms to homes in the region.

On Friday, our very own CBS 47 and KSEE 24 news teams added to those numbers.

"We are happy to be working with Nexstar to really make sure neighborhoods are more safe and ultimately house holds are safe," said Falke.

All across the country other Nexstar news stations gave back to their communities as well, each one picking their own cause.

Enriqee said he is thankful the news teams stopped by.

"We are lucky now," said Enriqee.

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