Keepers at Cat Haven Work to Cool Off Animals During Heat Wave

Keepers at Cat Haven Work to Keep Animals Cool During Heat Wave

DUNLAP, Calif. -- This heat wave is also effecting animals at Cat Haven. 

Keepers at Cat Haven have been doing some extra patrols around the exhibits to make sure all the cats are hydrated and doing well in this heat.

As the sun beats down on Cat Haven, lead keeper Heather Gibson has been making her way through each exhibit to monitor the cats closely.

To help with the heat, there are sprinklers, ponds and kitty pools in each exhibit. Keepers also feed the cats popsicles filled with rosemary, mint or cloves.

Wendy Debbas, a board of directors member with Cat Haven said many of these cats are accustomed to this kind of heat because of where their species originates.

"The cats that are from African climates don't deal with freezing temperatures and they are very used to warm weather. Tigers from India have warm weather. A lot of them have hot summers so they are used to that," Wendy Debbas, Board of Directors at Cat Haven.

Debbas said that cats cope with the heat by sleeping it off. Many cats sleep up to 20 hours a day to avoid the hot sun.

"This conserves energy, kind of like us we are not out jogging when it is 110 degrees," said Debbas.

Keepers said they will continue to monitor the cats closely as the temperatures stay in the triple digits.


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