Candy infused with active ingredient in marijuana seized by Fresno PD during drug bust

Fresno, California- - More than 200 thousand dollars worth of the candy infused with the active ingredient of marijuana were seized by Fresno Police.

The colorfully labeled candy packaged in ways that could act as a magnet for kids.

"Most of these have the content well above the 10 milligrams and that is what is just placed on the package," said Chief of police Jerry Dyer.

Although marijuana is legal in the state of California, all dispensaries are illegal in the city of Fresno.

"California law states it is legal to sell marijuana as long as the local jurisdiction allows for it through an ordinance," said Dyer.

According to authorities the levels in much of the candy seized were higher than what's allowed under California law.

Six people were cited, fined, and could receive jail time.
The bust went down at the Collective Element Dispensary at First and Dakota, neighbors are glad the candy was seized.

"It's very unfortunate and it's quite sad because we should do things that should better peoples lives," said Israel Jimah who has a business in the same plaza the dispensary was located.

Dozens of dispensaries and delivery services operate illegally in Fresno, Dyer says all complaints will be investigated.


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