Candidate For CA Governor Calls Rival Gavin Newsom To Step Down

Candidate For CA Governor Calls Rival Gavin Newsom To Step Down

FRESNO, Calif. --  Amanda Renteria, a Democratic candidate for Governor in California, has called on fellow gubernatorial candidate and current Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom to step down, accusing him of sexual misconduct and "misusing his power."

"I can't sit back and watch that anymore, we need to call it out whenever it is wherever it is," said Amanda Renteria, Gubernatorial Candidate.

Renteria is citing past news reports of Newsom's sexual indiscretions, when he was Mayor of San Francisco.

Newsom has apologized for the affair with a member of his staff. It was reported, that the staffer didn't keep her job, and later went to rehab.

"He went on to run for higher office, and that is exactly the kind of thing that is being called out across the country. Bosses can misuse their power, and we have to call it, when we see it," said Renteria.

Political Science Professor, Thomas Holyoke, at Fresno State says because Renteria is joining the race late, this is a big move, to shift the dynamics of the race.

 "She is really trying to make a big splash, essentially trying to link Gavin to the 'Me Too' movement," said Thomas Holyoke, Fresno State Professor.

Because it was a reported consensual relationship, Holyoke doesn't believe, at this point in the race, it will impact Newsom.

In fact, he says, it could work against Renteria.

"If this is seen as her trying to exploit the 'Me Too' Movement for her political gain, that could backfire on her," said Holyoke.

We reached out to Gavin Newsom's campaign, we have not heard back.

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