Canal floods two Fresno County homes

The Fresno Irrigation District is investigating the cause of the flooding

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. - Two Fresno County families are cleaning up the mess water made in their homes after Gould Canal overflowed early Wednesday morning. Both homes are right by Locan and Ramona avenues.

The Zarcones spent the afternoon going through everything they own and figuring out what can be saved -- after nearly a foot of water flowed through the home around 2 a.m.

The water also covered their backyard, seeping into their newly renovated gaming room.

"As they come in and clean up everything, you have to keep track of everything you had," said Jayson Zarcone. "Assess what is damaged, what's salvageable."

Crews from the Fresno Irrigation District and other agencies came to pump the water out from the Zarcones' home and their neighbors, the Hopkins.

Bill Stretch, general manager for the district, said an investigation is still ongoing to determine what caused the flooding. But, Stretch said pumps at a construction site along the canal should have been working to keep flows down.

Most of the flooding the Hopkins saw came in their barn. Karen Getty-Hopkins said she thinks changing ground levels in her surroundings helped the water pool on her property.

"You could say it's the fault of irrigation, or you could say it's the developer -- but the bottom line is no matter whose fault it is there is no place for the water to go," Getty-Hopkins said.

For now, both families will be cleaning up for weeks to come.

"Just trying to take it one step at a time," said Zarcone.

The Hopkins did have three horses, a mini-donkey and chickens at their barn. They've all been moved to safer locations.

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