Campus Food Pantry Available for Fresno City College Students

FRESNO, Calif. - Fresno City College students can now get groceries for free. The school opened up it's Ram Pantry on Friday. It's an effort to ensure no student goes hungry. The Ram Pantry will be open for students Monday through Friday during the hours of 10am to 2pm. All students have to do is show their ASB card, and they can shop for the food they need.

FCC first-year student Leilani Bustos said, "I think it's really nice that we can like, get all these things just for free. It's really cool."

Bustos grabbed various food off the shelves on Friday. College administrators said they want to make sure their students have one less thing to worry about while they're in school.

FCC President Carole Goldsmith said, "We used to talk about the starving college student. We realized that that's not just a saying. There really is students who are hungry."

Goldsmith said it took six months to remodel the room that is now the Ram Pantry. And with the help of various local partnerships, she said they have an abundance of food to give away. But, Goldsmith said they still need your help, in the form of donations and volunteer time. If you would like to help, click here.

"We believe that we'll probably serve Monday through Friday upwards to like six, 700 students a week," stated Goldsmith.

FCC first-year student Jesus Lee said it can be difficult, especially in this economy, to be a full time student with no job.

He said, "I gotta wait until the fourth every month, just to get the EBT, so this should help."

FCC officials said in the future, they hope to open a couple of nights a week so they can help as many students as possible.

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