Breaking News: Suspect Arrested In Gruesome Double Murder In Northeast Fresno

Suspect Tracked By Detectives Using Surveillance Video, Motive Unclear

Fresno Police Chief jerry Dyer has announced an arrest in the murders of two Fresno Men Thursday night at around eight o'clock in the Woodward Lake development near Fort Washington. 21-year old Gary Perry has been booked into the Fresno County Jail on two counts of murder. Dyer laid out a timeline and events leading to the arrests.

Officers received a call of shots fired outside a residence on the ten thousand block of Grouse Run Thursday night at around eight o'clock. They arrived to find two 21-year old men, later identified as Brennen Fairhead, and Scott Gaffney, both 21 years old, and both Fresno Residents lying on the ground deceased.  Dyer revealed that shortly after the murders occurred investigators were able to obtain a neighbors surveillance video that showed part of the crime taking place. Detectives noticed that the suspect was wearing a distinctive "puffy jacket".  A short time after Chief Dyer gave a press conference at the murder scene Thursday night officers received a tip call from an unidentified restaurant located at Friant and Fort Washington.  An eyewitness who had seen the press conference told investigators that an African American male had entered the restaurant acting nervous, asked to use the restroom, then left.

Detectives viewed the restaurants surveillance video and were able to match the jacket the man was wearing to the jacket that the murder suspect was wearing in the surveillance tape at the crime scene.  Officers showed a photo of the man to someone close to Fairhead, who identifed the man as Gary Perry. Officers ascertained that Perry had been staying with Fairhead at an apartment complex on the fifty two hundred block of San Pablo.  Officers staked out the scene after learning Perry had tried to make entry into Fairhead's apartment on Friday morning. By the time officers arrived Perry had left. But he returned at around noon and was taken into custody by officers.

During the time of the stakeout Investigators were able to find the car that was allegedly driven from the murder scene to a location a half mile away.  With the help of the Department Of Justice it was determined that Perry allegedly began firing at the two men while they were still inside the car.  Blood was found both inside, and on the exterior of the vehicle, along with bullet holes and shell casings. 

Investigators say the trio were at the location on Grouse Run to carry out a transaction involving prescription pills, when Perry opened fire while sitting in the back seat. Dyer says that Perry discarded the murder weapon in a storm drain outside the restaurant where he was caught on surveillance video.  That firearm was recovered by Detectives on Friday night.
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