Breaking: 16-Year Old Involved In Officer Involved Shooting Dies

Teen Was A Suspect In Deadly Car Shooting

Eyewitness News has learned that a 16-year old who police say was involved in a shooting that ended with a deadly car crash at First and Gettysburg Last Friday has died.  16-Year old Isaiah Murrietta was shot the following day as police say he tried to escape arrest.

On Friday, Police say Murrietta was with his 17-year old brother when one of them fired into a vehicle with four occupants. That car then crashed. 19-year old Eugenio Ybarra was driving the vehicle, and died from his injuries.  Three other occupants of the car were taken to the hospital, and have since been released.  Fresno Police investigators have said both Murrietta and his brother have gang ties.

Last Saturday Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer spoke about the events leading up to the officer involved shooting. " The right front passenger of that vehicle which was the 16 year old involved in yesterday's murder was initially compliant and began to follow the commands of the officers but then immediately grabbed at his right waistband and took off running", according to Chief Dyer.

Dyer says body cam video shows the officer had no choice but to open fire. "Based on watching the video you can clearly see that the individual reached down to his waistband with one of his hands; and turned back towards the officer very quickly. He was probably 15 to 20 feet away from the officer at that point. The officer's initial statement was that he was fearful that this individual was about ready to turn and fire the weapon at him which prompted him to fire the one round".

The officer who fired the shot is a 20-year veteran of the force.  Murrietta's 17-year old brother has turned himself in to authorities. The investigation into the officer involved shooting, and the incident that led up to it continue.



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