Break-ins prompt Fulton Cycle Works move

Owner says five break-ins is enough, plans to reopen in Downtown Hanford.

The owner of Fulton Cycle Works in Downtown Fresno says he has had enough. His store was broken into for a fifth time last week. Now he is closing up shop in Fresno and moving it to Downtown Hanford. 
Dirt is being moved and concrete is starting to be poured on Fulton Street. 
From the looks of it construction seems to be moving fast, but for some not fast enough. 
"We are closing Fresno and moving our whole operation to Hanford." Says Owner Darren Johnson.
Owner of Fulton Cycle Works on Fulton in Downtown Fresno Darren Johnson says hopefully the Fulton Mall construction will improve the area. 
He says the constant thefts at his shop have taken a toll on business.
"Between two locations five times in the past two years, four of the five times was the last two months." He says.
Time after time thieves have been caught on camera, but they kept coming back. 
Now his shop is boarded up for good, he plans to reopen in Downtown Hanford next month. 
"Obviously we hate to see any business go." Says Aaron Blair from the Downtown Fresno Partnership.
Aaron Blair from the Downtown Partnership says he thinks the bike shop was targeted by thieves. He says its not a sign of crime in the area and says business and interest in downtown is up. 
"Ever since the beginning of the year when the project has been approved interest in downtown has tripled not just Fulton what it has done is make everywhere more desirable." Says Blair.
Business owner Craig Sharton says he has closed his shop for a few weeks for a remodel.  He says he expects all the construction to help with the problems cycle works faced. 
"As we get more people down here their will be less opportunity for crimes of circumstance like that." 
For now Johnson says he is sad to say goodbye to Downtown Fresno, but he says he may be back. 
"In the next couple of years we will see what the turn around with the mall will look like maybe Fresno will become the second location."
Johnson plans to open Fulton Cycle Works in Hanford at the end of June.

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