Boy Saves Brother, Gets Hit By Car

FRESNO, Calif. -  

The boys were walking home when a car was coming at them in the cross walk at California Avenue and Pottle.
The suspect drove off the boy is now at Valley Children's Hospital.
Running, laughing and enjoying a game of tag with his cousin.
This just days after seven year old Davon Mitchell almost got hit by a car while crossing the crosswalk, right down the street from his home.
However his brother, wasn't so lucky.
"I was trying to move my leg and then the car went too fast and it hit my leg, the front and back wheel", says Deshaun Mitchell.
After getting ran over by an suv Deshaun Mitchell, 9, broke his left femur, suffers from bruised lungs and a swollen temple.
Deshaun got hit, in attempt to save his brother.
"The light in front of it was red and then the car turned and then it was going to hit my brother so I pushed him out of the way", says Deshaun.
Davon describes what happened, "I was walking in the street and the car came and he pushed me out of the way".
Days later Deshaun is still in hospital recovering from his injuries.
"I'm going to try to paint the white tires here", says Deshaun, who was painting a truck at the hospital.
Family says they want the suspect to come forward and to turn themselves in.
"They know how to cross the street and everything, it was just a reckless driver that was driving", says Sussess Whitmore, the boys aunt.
The boys mother says she just wants Deshaun to know how proud she is of him.
"We try to teach him to be a protector to his younger siblings because he is the oldest and being the first born you have to kind of look out and watch out after your younger siblings, so it made me happy to hear that... That he saved my baby", says Shawnnika Peters.
While in class Monday morning Davon's teacher assigned a special project, to choose his hero.
Davon says, "I did that at school, they said who's my hero and I picked my brother".

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