Boy critically injured in Christmas Day crash suffering brain injury

He's in a medically induced coma

HANFORD, California - A boy who was critically injured on Christmas Day in a crash that killed one man and injured several others is suffering from a brain injury.

A GoFundMe page has been setup for the family and victims of the crash, and it has raised more than $6,000 so far.

The crash claimed the life of 32-year-old Raymond Romero Jr. and critically injured his then pregnant girlfriend, two sons and younger cousin, 9-year-old Louie Romero Jr.

The family was heading home to Hanford from a family gathering in Corcoran, when police say an SUV slammed into their car.

Romero's younger cousin, Louie, remains hospitalized with a brain injury.

His parents spoke to YourCentralValley, they say he's still in an induced coma, but say he's responding to their voices.

Louie's parents say his birthday is Monday -- New Year's Day. The family is asking for extra prayers. He's now 10 years old.

Louie's parents and family describe him as a fun-loving, rambunctious boy, they call, 'kid'.

Louie's father, Louie Romero Sr. said, "He likes X-Box that's what he was going, he was going to play X-Box with his cousins and he's just normal, normal kid, but probably won't be the same no more."

He said his son was excited to hang out with his cousins in Hanford on Christmas Day. But the horrific crash, that claimed the life of his cousin, Raymond Romero, 32, and badly injury his other family members, changed everything.

Louie's father said, "Our whole world stopped, we just have to be right here with my son."

He said his son suffered severe head trauma and a cracked skull. "They said it could be weeks, months, they really don't know, they said something like this they just have to go day by day," Romero said.

Louie's parents said with him in the hospital, it's taking a toll on their 6-year-old, Jacob. "He wants to see his brother, but we don't know how to explain it to him," Romero said.

While the family is from Corcoran, Romero said since the accident, they've been staying at Terry's House, across from Community Regional Medical Center, in Fresno. The house provides a living space for those whose loved ones are in critical condition.

"We want to thank Terry's House, they've been helping us out a lot," Romero said.

He said even though his Dallas Cowboy loving son remains in critical care, they have hope. They say they see signs of improvement.

"We just want everyone to pray for my son," Romero said.

The other people inside the car, were Raymond Romero Jr.,32, who died. His girlfriend, Miranda Garza, is now out of the hospital. She gave birth to a healthy baby girl named, Eileen. Their son, 8-year-old Nathan Romero, was released from Valley Children's Hospital. Raymond Romero III, remains hospitalized at Valley Children's Hospital. He had successful surgery on his jaw, eye socket and cheek bone.

Police have been looking for three people. Two of them were allegedly inside the suspect vehicle, Abraham Chavez and Angel Castillo.

Castillo has been arrested. The third person, Zoe Barrios, owns the suspect vehicle and is considered a person of interest.

If you know of their whereabouts, you're asked to call Hanford Police or Crime Stoppers at 559-498-7867.

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