Beer benefits Valley farm

FRESNO, California - Full Circle Brewing lives up to its name.

The Fresno brewery found use for a product that typically goes to waste. After the beer making process, Full Circle is left with a substantial amount of leftover or spent grain. Instead of throwing it out, it ends up at Denham Family Farm in Del Rey as feed for their 400 chickens.

"Spent brewers grain has somewhere between 35 and 37% protein, which is actually the more expensive part of a chicken feed," Joe Denham said. 

"It's cool because were not just dumping it in some landfill somewhere where it just rots away," Full Circle Brewing CEO Arthur Moye said. "We're actually making use of it."

The eggs are seasonally sold at Full Circle Brewing. The brewery is also adding four new tanks which Moye hopes will quadruple beer production. 

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