AR15 Gun law breakdown ahead of 2017

Jacob Belemjian explains why the AR15 will be banned in CA in 2017

Clovis, Calif. - Owner of The Firing Line in Clovis Jacob Belemjian explains why the AR15 in its current form will be banned in CA in 2017. Starting January 1st nobody in the state can legally buy or sell one with assault rifle features. SB880 re-defines assault weapons and owners of assault weapons will be required to register them with the California Department of Justice by January 1, 2018.

Wednesday will be the last day you can buy the gun in it's current form legally in the State of California. The Department of Justice says buyers must actually take possession of their rifle before January 1st. It has to be purchased in time to allow for the 10-day waiting period before the buyer can pick up their new rifle. if someone purchases a soon-to-be-banned rifle by the Dec. 21 deadline, but fails to pick it up in time on Dec. 31, they will not get their rifle. Legally gun dealers may not deliver one, even if it's been paid for.

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