Anti-Trump Message in Downtown Fresno Stirs Controversy

Anti-Trump Message in Downtown Fresno Stirs Controversy

FRESNO - FRESNO, Calif. --   A couple of controversial words lighting up the Cornerstone Church last Thursday night.

"I projected an anti-Trump message," said Dallas Blanchard. 

 A Fresno man, Dallas Blanchard, is taking responsibility. He is also the man who admitted to vandalizing Fulton Street with white paint before its grand opening. 

This time though, he is sending a political message. 

"There are so many reasons about Trump that I am opposed to," said Blanchard. 

Blanchard displayed the message on the Cornerstone Church during Art Hop while residents and families were present. 

 "These things happen. It was sociopolitical commentary and it doesn't impact the Arts Council or Art Hop," said Lilia Chavez, Executive Director of the Fresno Art Council. 

Blanchard said the message wasn't directed at the church but he said the projection's placement didn't hurt his cause. 

"As an activist there are some issues with cornerstone and their Anti- LGBTQ stance in the past," said Blanchard. 

Cornerstone Pastor Jim Franklin believes in freedom of speech but said there has to be a better way to relay a message.

"It is sad there has got to be obscenities to express it and to do it where children are present. Thirdly to do it on a building that houses a church, its insensitive," said Pastor Franklin, Cornerstone Church. 

Blanchard said he is achieving what he set out to do by sparking some dialogue. 
"To spread the ideal of resistance to Trump and what he stands for and his policies," said Blanchard.

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