Another Night of Freezing Temperatures

"It's going to be close tonight, it's going to be close." comments Keith Nilmeier, a citrus grower in Fresno County as he decides what measures he should take to protect his crops.
The sprinklers were turned on and if the temperatures dropped low enough so would be the windmills.
"I'll probably go to bed around 5 o'clock in the morning, I'll sleep until maybe 9, 9:30." Nilmeier says as he prepares for yet another late night of watching the temperatures closely.  
"Right around 30° I start my wind machines, if it's still going down when you've got those things going then i'll get ready by the time it hits 28° were out here ready to light off peach pits."
Keith says his orange grove was fine on Saturday night but he's watching closely Sunday evening as temperatures could fall even further.  "Those wind maches blow but they rotate, every four and a half minutes they'll make a rotation, and so were trying to  move that heat were putting up into the atmosphere and blow it back down to the ground level."
And it's not just the farmers who should be getting prepared, John letlow with Fresno Ag Hardware says when the temperatures drop, there are some precautions you should take as well.  "Without any protection the cold goes right in and turns the pressured water solid, at that point it starts to expand and it's going to break, and those are very hard to fix sometimes and they're costly especially if you cant fix them yourself, your going to have hundreds of dollars in plumbing fees on that."
In additions to protecting plants and pipes it's also important to keep pets in warm places as they are also quite susceptable to the freezing temperatures.

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