Anonymous protests planned in Central Valley cities

Anti-government protests planned November 5th.


The international Anonymous movement is planning to come to the Central Valley. 
"Our rights are being violated everyday by our government, the economy, the wars, the hate." Says an Anonymous youtube video. 
Activists, also known to be associated with "Occupy!" and "Wikileak" movements  have planned anti-government masked marches around the world Thursday, November 5th. They claim the marches all have one thing in common. 
"No violence this would stand against the core of anonymous."
Local activists plan to join at Hanford Civic Park thursday, activists say they are upset over the new Kings County courthouse.
"Kings county was able to allocate $124 million dollars to a new courthouse, yet only $2,160 dollars to libraries."
"It is going to be a traditional protest we are going to start here and go to the courthouse." Says one Hanford supporter. 
Supporters will keep their identity hidden.
"The idea is that we are all created free and equal as human beings."
Anonymous members are known for wearing Guy Fawkes masks. Fawkes is associated with the failed gunpowder plot of 1605, an attempt to assassinate King James I of England. The masks are a symbol of dissatisfaction with government.
"All the money is going more into court systems and judicial systems, and policing, and authority than it does into education and libraries and making people smarter and teaching them how to stay out of courthouses."
The anonymous army stays connected online and have planned their Million Mask March at city halls around the globe. supporters say they want to remind the world of what is forgotten. 
"There is an ultimate end goal behind this entire movement that I have collected from a lot of humans and people who are a part of it, it is world peace."

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