Animal rights group protests Laton dairy

LATON, California - A protest is underway in Laton, where an animal rights group claims a local dairy is neglecting its calves.

The rally was held at Zonneveld dairies. The group says that calf was on the verge of death.

The group is calling on the dairy to release the calf's mother, so the two can be reunited. 

The animal rights group, Direct Action Everywhere, admits it broke into Zonneveld Dairy to rescue the calf.. who they have named Roselynn.

They say Roselynn not only had maggots, but was suffering from various diseases. They say she was underweight, dehydrated and had been exposed to extreme temperatures with little protection. The group says it has since, cared for Roselyn... gave her shots..and nourished her back to health. 

Former Baywatch actress, Alexandra Paul, was among those involved in what they call a 12-month investigation.

"They're put in these little cages that don't have any bedding. They have slats so maneuver can fall through but these animals are in there for 3 months so the maneuver doesn't fall through completely, it piles up," stated Paul. 

"We have no reports or anything or evidence to show that animal cruelty is going on here. So that's kind of where the buck stops with us," said Tony Botti with The Fresno County Sheriff's Office. 

The sheriff's office says stealing a calf is considered a misdemeanor theft. But the dairy has chosen not to press charges.

Zonneveld Dairies issued this statement to us... "{We} use a science based approach along with a professional veterinarian and nutritionist to ensure they are adhering to the highest industry standards. And that animal care has been and always will be a top priority".

Zonneveld Dairy is a member farm of Land O Lakes; one of the nation's biggest producers of butter and cheese and supplier to stores like Save Mart and Walmart.

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