Anesthesia and surgical facilities

The type of surgical facilities and anesthesia used for cosmetic surgery will vary, depending on the particular procedure you've requested, your general health, and other factors. However, most cosmetic surgeries can be performed on an outpatient basis at a doctor's clinic or office. This means that, barring any complications, you'll be able to go home after you've had time to recover. The recovery period may be just minutes for minor facial procedures like collagen injections or up to two or three hours for more complicated surgeries like breast augmentation. Outpatient services are usually less expensive. In other instances, a doctor may want to perform your operation in a hospital and have you stay several hours or even overnight for monitoring. Procedures which may require inpatient care include extensive liposuction procedures, complex facial implant surgeries, and some face-lifts or 'tummy tucks.' Anesthesia can range from a sedative and local shots to general anesthesia, where you sleep through the entire operation. Again, the choice usually varies with the type of the procedure you have, though in many cases, a doctor will offer you both options.

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