Alleged 16-year-old murder suspect shot by police

FRESNO, Calif. - A Fresno Police officer shot a 16-year old teenager on Saturday. He is in grave condition at the hospital. Chief Jerry Dyer said the teen and his 17-year old brother were wanted for a murder from Friday. The 17-year old suspect is still on the run. Police describe him as a Hispanic male, 5'6' to 5'7", small framed, with cropped hair.

Saturday's OIS happened on Keats Avenue just north of Fresno and Shaw. Dyer said the plain-clothes officer who shot the 16-year old said he feared for his life. Dyer said the officer who shot at the 16-year old believed the suspect may have been armed. Dyer says the teen kept reaching for his waistband as he ran from police. However, at this point, police have not located a gun.

The busy intersection of Shaw and Fresno street became even more congested on Saturday, as Fresno Police officers investigated an officer-involved shooting, where a 16-year old boy was shot. Dyer said it all actually began with a homicide from Friday.

On Friday afternoon, four people in a white car were shot at near First and Gettysburg. The 19-year old driver, Eugenio Ybarra, eventually crashed into a tree and died. Dyer said the suspects wanted for the murder were a 16-year old and his 17-year old brother. Dyer said the brothers are gang members. On Saturday, officers tracked down the 16-year old at a house on the 500 block of East San Bruno. When the teen got into a car, officers conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle near Fresno and Shaw.

Dyer said, "The right front passenger of that vehicle, which was the 16-year old involved in yesterday's murder, was initially compliant and began to follow the commands of the officers, but then immediately grabbed at his right waistband and took off running."

Dyer said both uniformed and plain clothes officers chased after the teen suspect to a daycare center off Keats Avenue.

"He was confronted by one of our sergeants from the Street Violence Bureau. During that confrontation, our sergeant fired one round striking this individual in the upper body," stated Dyer.

Dyer said body cam video and surveillance video from the daycare shows the whole shooting.

He said, "Based on watching the video, you can clearly see that the individual reached down to his waistband with one of his hands and turned back towards the officer very quickly. He was probably 15 to 20 feet away from the officer at that point. The officer's initial statement was that he was fearful that this individual was about ready to turn and fire the weapon at him, which prompted him to fire the one round."

The officer who fired the round is a 20-year veteran for the department.

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