All Fresno Unified High School Pools Will Open to Public This Summer

FRESNO, Calif. - Children and families in Fresno will have more opportunities this summer to cool off from the heat. The Fresno Unified School District and the City of Fresno have teamed up to provide "blue space" for the community, which means every high school pool in the city will be open this summer to the public. The city will also be offering low-cost swim lessons at the locations.

Bob Nelson, the Fresno Unified Interim Superintendent said, "Our pools are gonna be available for community swim, and they're also offer swim lessons around the city."

Nelson said he hopes more kids get out this summer, instead of staying inside. Mayor Lee Brand agrees, and hopes young people stay out of unsafe waterways too.

"What it does hopefully is give young kids a place to go, a safe place to go, to learn how to swim and when it gets really hot in the summer time you're not going to dangerous places like ditches and rivers and lakes," stated Brand.

Nelson and Brand reflected on the drowning death of Edison High School student Neng Thao. Thao died at the San Joaquin River nearly two weeks ago. He was supposed to graduate next week as valedictorian.

Nelson stated, "I ask that you think of Neng and his family and not let his passing be in vain. We need to look for safe places to cool off and get out of the heat in Fresno. Take advantage of our high school pools!"

Edison High swimmers said they're excited other young children will have more chances to be comfortable in the water.

Hailey Dyer said, "That's one of my biggest fears is drowning, so I think it's really important to get, especially little kids to start swimming at an early age."

The pools open June 12th. Swimming will be free on the weekends. On weekdays, it will be $1 for children, and $2 for adults. Swim lessons will be $75 for two weeks.

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