After 23 years Trader Joe's relocates to North Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. - A new location for a long lasting grocery store in Fresno. Trader Joe's off of Blackstone and Barstow is no more. After 23 years it has moved to Friant and Freeway 41 in the Park Crossing shopping center.

The parking lot and aisles were packed all-day Friday. There is a lot of excitement for this new location. Many we spoke with say they are sad to see the old space leave but they're willing to drive the difference.

Whether it's burgers or breakfast foods going into bags it's still the same product and same experience just a bigger space in a new spot.

Edna and Steven Turpin drove all the way from Fowler for Trader Joe's grand opening.

"We were waiting a month before it got here. It's a nice big store," they said.

The store moved from it's existing location about five miles south on Blackstone and Barstow.

"It was a hard decision. We have been in the community for 23 years but in the end we decided it would be best for us to continue giving the best customer service with this larger building, larger aisles, and more shelf space," said Trader Joe's Captain Matthew Parry.

For loyal shoppers like the Turpins distance doesn't matter.

"They have things you can't find anything else good service. I'd like to think i'm a part of a cult. A foodie cult," jokes Edna Turpin.

Many people still stopped by the closed down store.

Susan Harchanko was shocked but said shes excited for a larger space to shop.

"My fear was that they closed they closed down and went out of business. It could be a little bit of an inconvenience but I think most people that shop here are loyal customers and would go a little more North or South to shop," she said.

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