72-year-old woman fights daughter to achieve her black belt

HALIFAX, CANADA - After hundreds of sit-ups, pull-ups, jumping jacks and more, three generations of martial artists in Canada officially have their black belts -- including a 72-year-old grandmother.

Hannah Fraser, 72, has been practicing tae-kwon-do for about four years.

This was her chance to qualify for her black belt. To get it, she had to fight her own daughter.

"I want to show her a good fight. I want her to show her moves. I hope she does a cut kick and stops one of my spinning kicks," her daughter Adelle Fraser said.

Hannah began her training after a heart attack.

"Compared to most people her age, she is much fitter and stronger than the average senior," said her instructor Master Wooyung Jung.

Hannah was excited by achieving black belt status.

'It feels very good. I didn't want to swear," she laughed.

This story was filed by Steve Berry of NBC News.

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