50-year-old religious landmark in Madera to be restored this weekend

Saint Joachim Catholic Church 30 foot tall mosaic was destroyed by 2016 storm

Fresno, Calif. - A 50-year-old religious landmark shattered by nature is about restored by faith.

Back in April of 2016 a massive storm swept through Madera, it was so strong it destroyed the 30 foot mosaic that sat high at Saint Joachim Catholic Church.

The mosaic cost $330,000 to replace, thankfully, it was insured and only cost the church a thousand dollar deductible.

The mosaic was built in Italy, shipped to Madera and put together piece by piece. 

"everybody has been waiting for it to be replaced," said Father John Warburton.

Father John said the absence of the mosaic has left a small emptiness in the hearts of his 5,000 parishioners and the community. 

The new one is an exact replica of the old one, except it will have a gold Cross and the name Saint Joachim written on it.

The scaffolding will be removed Friday, finishing touches will be made Saturday, just in time for Sunday mass on Christmas eve.

"Saint Joachim is the parent of Mary, that makes him the grandparent of Jesus, so it will lend it itself to the family celebration of Christmas," said Father John.

Morning mass in English starts at 9:30 and there is another service at 11 am.

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