4 apartment units burned, 1 cat rescued in southeast Fresno fire

FRESNO, Calif. - A fire burned through several apartments in southeast Fresno on Tuesday, the Fresno Fire Department said.

The calls first came in at 8:46 a.m. at the Stoney Brook Apartments in the 500 block of south Winery Avenue. Those living in neighboring units said the fire made for a scary alarm.

"I Heard a lot of stuff breaking and glass shattering, which I'm pretty sure came from the fire," said neighbor Ananda Shaffer.

In the 3-alarm fire, crews contained fire in four units; one man was treated on-scene for minor injuries for breaking a window to get his family and cat out of the fire.

The Fire Department said the 3-year-old in the family was the one who alerted the family about the fire in the first-floor unit. He woke the family up when he noticed the fire.

As neighbors began to evacuate, one remembered there was a man in a wheelchair living in an upper unit. With the help of maintenance workers, they were able to safely get the man down on the ground.

One of those maintenance workers, Salvador Hernandez, said once he saw the fire, he knew he had to step in to help.

"We are citizens," said Hernandez. "That's my obligation, to try to help people."

The four units sustained heavy damage, and a total of 16 have been evacuated. 30 people in total have been displaced by the fire, apartment management and the Red Cross is working to house them either in vacant units or shelters.

The Fire Department said they had to temporarily discontinue response to medical calls because they had committed so many resources to the fire.

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