14-year-old Reno student shot by campus police in knife altercation

RENO, NEVADA - A student at a Reno, Nevada high school is in critical condition after being shot by a campus police officer because the boy is alleged to have lunged at students with knives on Thursday.

Cell phone video shows the suspect trying to attack other students at Hug High School during an altercation.

A campus police officer confronted the 14-year-old boy and ultimately shot him.

The officer has been placed on routine administrative leave.

Demick Laflamme said his son DJ is friends with the boy who was shot.

"He's actually really good kid. He's got a really good heart," Laflamme said. "Anybody's kid that gets shot, it would hurt because you know, this doesn't have to be their friend. I mean anything senseless at school just doesn't make sense."

Laflamme said the officer shouldn't have used lethal rounds on the student, but authorities say the officer's use of force was appropriate.

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