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Woman arrested 33 times in one year

Fresno police say repeat offender Sarah Magnolia was released due to overcrowding just 15 hours after being booked into the Fresno County jail.

She's been arrested 33 times, and now Fresno Police say they've jailed a repeat offender once again. 32-year-old Sarah Magnolia was arrested on Tuesday for 19 warrants. They ranged from car burglary to elder abuse.

Officers say she was booked into the Fresno County jail Tuesday afternoon and she was released just 15 hours later due to overcrowding. One Sergeant says it's an example of the flaws in our system.

"It takes up a lot of police department time, the jail time, the court time. Everybody is involved in this process and unfortunately with her, it's a continual process, on a weekly basis," said Sgt. Greg Noll of the Fresno Police Department.

At least 31 people have been victims of her alleged crimes.

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