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Visalia School Employee Bails Out of Jail

23-year old Edgar Parrilla was arrested for allegedly possessing child pornography.
A Visalia Unified School District employee, Edgar Parrilla, posted bond and bailed out of the Tulare Co. Jail late Friday night.  Parrilla was arrested for allegedly possessing child pornography.  The 23-year old worked as a teacher’s aide at Mineral King Elementary.

Friday afternoon, law enforcement agents served a search warrant at a house on Center Avenue.  It’s in a neighborhood located near the intersection of East Mineral King and Lover’s Lane.

“At that location they found child pornography and took Edgar Parrilla, 23-years of age of Visalia, into custody for possession of that child pornography,” said Lt. Candido Alvarez of the Visalia Police Dept.

Edgar Parrilla has worked the last four years at Mineral King Elementary serving as a teacher’s aide for pre-school level children.  Police do not believe Parrilla ever brought the illegal material on to the campus.

“Thus far investigators have not obtained any information or discovered any evidence that would lead them to believe there was any kind of inappropriate conduct between Mr. Parrilla and any of the students at the school,” said Lt. Alvarez.

Investigators are not elaborating on how they were tipped off, but will say they have seized enough computer hardware as evidence to hopefully convict Parrilla and keep him out of our community.

“We’re glad we discovered this early on in the school year and not toward the latter part of the school year.  We definitely don’t want people like that around our children,” said Lt. Alvarez.

Visalia Unified released this statement, “If the employee is released from custody, he will not be allowed to return to the school site.  He will be immediately placed on administrative leave.  Appropriate personnel action will take place once the investigation is concluded.”

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