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Valley Residents Speak Out on Syria

Valley residents spoke out Saturday regarding possible American military involvement in Syria.
As gun fire and screams of desperation rang out in the Syrian capital of Damascus, horns and cries for peace could be heard on the streets of Fresno.

"We use war saying it is going to bring peace but violence begets more violence.” said Mike Bridges with Peace Fresno.

About two dozen protesters held signs and chanted on Saturday, hoping their voices are heard all the way in
Washington where lawmakers will soon weigh in on military action in Syria. A step President Obama says is necessary but one local congressman Devin Nunes believes is too late.

“If their was some objective that the president had outside of throwing tomahawk missiles I would be willing to listen but at this point it is dead and congress will vote this down," said Nunes.

The President’s decision to wait for congressional approval comes amidst speculation the
United States was poised to take immediate action against Syria. Congress returns from recess September 9th and is expected to take up the issue immediately.
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