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Valley Firefighters Battle Springs Camarillo Fire

They joined at least a thousand firefighters on the ground and overhead.
As the flames continued to rip through the hillside and spread to the coast, thousands of residents evacuated, including about 120 families from a navy base in Ventura County.

“We went ahead and volunteered to fight that along with six other strike teams of fire engines and we were ones to get on scene,” Firefighter Chuck Tobias.

Battalion Chief Tobias headed south with dozens of firefighters overnight. They joined at least a thousand firefighters on the ground and overhead.

“At least every couple years we're down here. Sometimes more than that and every time we come out we're prepared for the worst,” he said.

A hotshot crew from the Sierra National Forest headed out at the same time.

Typically we go into more of the remote spots where we can't get vehicles and usually hike in since we're a hand crew, said Adam Hernandez.

Adam Hernandez just finished wildfire training last week.

“As far as fuel conditions and fire severity; we're about a month ahead,” he said.

The Springs Fire had already doubled in size...burning close to 20 thousand acres of dry brush by late Friday.

Local teams could stay as long as two more weeks without relief.

It's really dependent upon the weather, the terrain...so it's difficult to say how long we'll be committed to this fire,” said Tobias.


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