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Suspects Busted Wearing Layers of Jeans From Department Store

This is one for the fashion police. Suspected crooks are busted wearing layers of jeans.
This is one for the fashion police.

Suspected crooks are busted wearing layers of jeans.

Scaring the pants off neighbors when they made a break for it…

The whole thing went down on three streets near Manchester Mall.

CBS47’s Lemor Abrams joins us live at Community Regional Medical Center where one of the suspects ended up. 

The commotion started on Dakota Avenue...which neighbors say has had its share of break-ins this summer.

But this time, neighbors came face to face with the bad guy.

“I heard all this noise...he flew over the fence and flew through my other gate,” said Richard. 

Richard saw a man run through his backyard and jump into another.

And it was the wrong backyard to end up in. 

“I don't know they were just beating him up,” said Brianna.

Brianna says her dad held down and beat up the strange man... until police arrived.  

Police say the guy had on a bunch of jeans, and was pretty bruised up after the scuffle.

“The subject later admitted that he was involved in a theft from Sears where he'd taken numerous pants and put them all over eachother and that's why he'd run for the police,” said Sgt. Eric Hodge. 

Police say the suspected thief ran out of Sears in Manchester mall wearing about five Levis...all rolled up.

Minutes after arresting him...they headed down the street, where two of his alleged accomplices waited.

Police say...with more jeans. 

“Well it appears the subjects are going to the store putting on jeans going outside, taking them off and leave it in their vehicle, coming back a short time later and doing it again,” said Sgt. Hodge.

Police say the trio cut off sensors and left the jeans in their getaway car.

But police circled back to Sears to retrieve surveillance video.

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