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Suspected drunk driver kills two in hit and run accident

Investigators believe the driver behind the deadly accident was drunk. A woman and were killed from the impact and two others were hospitalized.
CHP said the suspects were in a truck headed south on Frankwood Ave when they rear ended a Ford Focus.  The back end of the car was completely totaled. Four people were inside of the car. The driver, a 22-year old woman (possibly from the Reedley area) did die from the impact, along with a 6-year-old girl was who in the backseat. CHP said the little girl was not properly restrained.  The other two inside the car, a man and another 8 to 9 year-old child were taken to CRMC.  They are said to be in stable condition.
After the crash, the two people inside the truck made a run for it into a nearby orchard. 
Police were able to catch up with who they believe is the passenger and they are now still looking for the driver.  They believe the two men could have been intoxicated.

"Alcohol does seem to be a factor in this, just based on...there is an odor coming from that vehicle. And also we did find beer bottles inside the vehicle," said CHP officer, Brad Simpson.

The Fresno County Sheriff's Department and Reedley Police Department are assisting in the investigation.
If you have any information on the deadly accident, you're asked to contact CHP.
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