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String of Suspicious Fires Continue in Yosemite Lakes

This is the thirteenth fire burning in three days.

Firefighters are mopping up two more fires in the Yosemite Lakes area -


It’s the latest in a string of fires in the same area.

Investigators say some of the blazes are now considered suspicious.


This is the thirteenth fire burning in three* days.

Neighbors are terrified someone is intentionally setting the fires, but cal fire doesn’t have a suspect.


They are noticing a pattern.


The fires have been mostly on weekends in the last month and close to homes.


Alice Waterman said she’s never seen anything like it in the 30 years she’s lived there.


Cal Fire’s Chris Christopherson says investigators are working around the clock and plan on calling in additional sources from other areas if the fires continue.

Watch CBS 47's Lemor Abrams for more from terrified residents.


Contact Cal Fire


Investigators ask that residents not only clear defensible space  but be observant.


If they see anything call Cal Fire at 209-742-1926.


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