Security Guard Shoots & Kills Man

Security Guard Shoots & Kills Man

It took place in Southwest Fresno in front of a business named Ritchie Trucking.
Police responded to a deadly shooting in southwest Fresno Monday night.  Investigators say a private security guard shot and killed a man.

It happened just after 8pm on east Annandale Ave. in front of a business named Ritchie Trucking.

Witnesses tell CBS47 that a man asked the security guard on duty if he could use his cell phone.  The guard allowed him to do so and then the man reportedly threw the phone down to the ground, which caused the two men to get into a physical fight.  It led to the guard shooting the man in the chest and he ended up dying on the street.

From the police’s perspective, confrontations like this are not very common.

“Not that they don’t occur, but something to this extent we don’t hear too much about.  Maybe loss prevention where they maybe get into a tussle with people in that arena, but something like this we very seldom get calls of that,” said Lt. Phil Cooley of the Fresno Police Dept.

The security guard works for Falcon Private Security out of Fresno.  He did not appear to have been shot, but did get injured during the struggle.  He was taken to the hospital and is listed in fair condition.

Depending on what’s found during this investigation, the guard may be let off for self-defense or he could wind up facing criminal charges.

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