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Sanger Man Found Making Explosive Devices

Sanger Police made a disturbing discovery when they found bomb making materials and more in a man's home
Sanger residents are shocked after police made a disturbing discovery.

The suspect is 46-year old Michael Poblano.

Police say he was making explosive devices.

Thursday night law enforcement agencies swarmed his home on the 2100 block of 4th street in Sanger.

They say they found bomb making materials and more.

"Yeah I had no idea that was going on so yeah, pretty alarming," says a neighbor.

A Sanger neighborhood is shaken Friday, they had no idea danger lurked a few doors down.

This was the scene late Thursday night as officers removed explosives.

It was triggered by a 911 call.

"There is a witness that stated that she observed something explode and some I don't want to say shrapnel but some items that flew in the air," says Jaimy Gaines from the Sanger Police Department.

When Sanger Police arrived they realized they had a problem and called in bomb experts from the Fresno County Sheriffs Department.

"They responded and identified the materials as explosive devices and they removed and secured the devices," says Jaimy Gaines from the Sanger Police Department.

Investigators say they found a lethal tool kit, bomb making materials and I.E.D. an improvised explosive device.

While they secured the scene the suspect was taken away in an ambulance before being hauled off to the Fresno County Jail.

Neighbors are shaken and talking about the close call.

"I think it's very fortunate that nobody got hurt and I think that you know you're not only risking yourself, your risking everyone around you," says Cathi Mason a neighbor.

It's the second explosives arrest in the valley in two days.

The Fresno Sheriff's Department arrested 27 year-old Cody Bewarder on Thursday in connection with blasts in Fresno.

Investigators say most of us don't want to report suspicious activity.

They say to hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

"I think it's actually just the hesitation because it isn't a normal thing to come across and everybody feels for the most part that people are good," says Jaimy Gaines from the Sanger Police Department.

Poblano is in the Fresno County Jail.

He faces at least four felony charges.
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