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Rim Fire Scorches More Than 180,000 Acres

The Rim Fire continues to burn in the Stanislaus National Forest.

The Rim Fire in the Stanislaus National Forest continues to claim thousands of acres of land by the day and is only 20% contained. 
More than 3,700 personnel are on hand to combat the erratic fire which has destroyed 31 homes. Around 5,500 structures are also currently being threatened.

"That was definitely scary wondering for those two nights that we were basically homeless," said evacuee, Kristy Brower.

The last time we saw Brower and her 12-year-old daughter they had just been evacuated from their brand new home in the Pine Mountain Lake Area.
For two days, they slept inside their business in Groveland and now, Brower is thankful to have a home to go back to.

"It's good to be home, good to sleep in a bed and not up at the store camping," said Brower.

But as Brower returns to her home, others are threatened.
Highway 120 from Yosemite National Park to Buck Meadows has been evacuated along with homes North of Old Yosemite Road.
Firefighters said the recent drought and heat are big factors in fueling the fire.

"Instead of being a healthy, slow burning ground fire that chews up the shrubbery and the weeds, it's communicating up the branches and getting into the tops, what we call a crown fire and it's just racing and running through that," said Rim Fire Information Officer, Norm Rooker.

The fire, now costing $27 million has 45 crews from across the state working to
get the upper hand.
Local communities hope "thank you" signs will show a small token of their appreciation.

"I'm taking pictures of every sign in this town. I could cry, we're just so grateful," said resident, Pam Hopper.

As the Rim Fire pushes towards the town of Tuolomne, fire crews will continue to concentrate defending homes from the ground and the air.  Firefighter tell us cooler temperatures this weekend could help them gain the upper hand on this fire.

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