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Police say Visalia woman targeted elderly

Visalia Police say 35-year old Jacque Kettle targeted seniors when she burglarized two assisted living centers.
It's a string of events Visalia Police are still trying to piece together, they say 35- year old Jacque Kettle preyed on the elderly, stealing wallets, credit cards and valuables from residents at two Visalia assisted living facilities.

"She would go in at a time when she expected no one to be in those rooms so it was really a crime of opportunity," said Sgt. Ozzie Dominguez with the Visalia Police Department.

According to police Kettle wasn't working at the centers when they say she committed at least 13 burglaries dating back to September 2011, later pawning off much of what she stole until her arrest last week when police also say she was found in possession of meth.

For the past year Branden Korous’ mother has been staying at
Walnut Park, one of the facilities police say Kettle targeted. He thinks nothing was stolen but hopes security will improve.

"I guess they have a security system now but I don't know what was taken and what wasn't," said Korous.

The parent company of
Walnut Park issued a statement today saying they remain committed to providing a secure, welcoming and enriching environment for seniors. Meanwhile a family member of Kettle, who declined to be on camera, hopes the public will wait until she has her day in court before passing judgment.

"She's worked with seniors quite a few years and she's never stolen from them, never taken the drugs, never done anything like that," the family member said.
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