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Plan to Reduce Prison Population

Fresno County Sheriff Margret Mims describes the plan to release 9,000 inmates as completely irresposible
Fresno Sheriff Margaret Mims describes a plan to release over nine thousand inmates back onto the streets as "completely irresponsible". 

It's all part of the state's ongoing prison realignment program a new federal ruling says more inmates need to be released.

The sheriff says they're releasing 100% convicted felons and that she says is a direct threat to public safety.

"They're going to be coming right back right into our community and I'm not convinced they're ready to come back into the community," says Sheriff Margret Mims.

The decision was made by a panel of three judges as a way to relieve overcrowding and poor medical care inside state prisons.

Governor Jerry Brown plans to appeal the ruling, he has until July 13th to do so. 

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