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No On Measure G Campaign

The campaign to vote against Measure G kicked off over the weekend with folks going door to door passing out bumper stickers, fliers, and yard signs.
Fresno residents will vote in just over a month on the plan to privatize residential trash pick-up.

Saturday, the campaign against Measure "G" kicked off.

Folks went door to door passing out bumper stickers, fliers and yard signs.

Trash haulers are worried that they have to work for a private company instead of the city.

Teir pay will go down.

"The pocket book, the difference in our pay, it's for me, it's a monthly mortgage payment," Joe Hill said.
Fresno's mayor says privatizing will bring residents trash bill down nd provide about $2.5 million to the city's general fund.

The vote is on June 4th. It's expected to be a close race.
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