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Near Drowning At Millerton Lake

The first day of summer almost took a tragic turn at Millerton Lake, but a group of kids came to the rescue.
Out on this serene lake on the first day of summer...tragedy almost struck.

“As soon as he got halfway to where he was swimming...he started to drown,” said Dmari Cox.

Dmari Cox and his friends heard a young man scream for help...and spotted him gripping a tree branch under the water.

“He started breathing harder and so we asked him if he needed anything, and so he said he needed a life jacket,” said Cox.

The kids grabbed the adults in the family.

Trendel Lee didn't think twice before swimming out to save the man.

“I was trying to get the life vest and he was struggling. And I saw that his grip was getting loose,” said Trendel Lee.

Lee's brother helped get a life vest on the troubled swimmer...and pull him up to a rock.

The brothers didn't administer CPR.

Luckily paramedics arrived in time.

“It makes me want to get a CPR license...but there are people here that know CPR,” said Brian Lee.

They say the swimmer was at Millerton Lake for some summer fun.

But his camp site now sits empty...

And people who saw what happened say it's a wake up call.


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