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Man bites off finger during bizarre attack

Police told us the suspect broke into a home in a Northwest neighborhood in Fresno and bit a man's finger off. Neighbors said they're not sure what to make of the incident.
Police said the suspect, 41-year-old Scotty Blair was on drugs and was kicking doors and smashing windows throughout the neighborhood.
It happened around 5:30 Friday morning at a home near Griffith and West in Northwest Fresno.

"Police everywhere...there was at least six cars," said Shirley, neighbor to the victim.

This woman says she heard a lot of racket outside her home and saw the suspect, Scotty Blair in her neighbor's yard. She said she feels uneasy about the whole thing.

"You just try to stick to yourself around here," said Shirley.

Police say Blair broke through the victim's front window, violently attacked him inside of his home and bit a piece of his finger clear off. Blood stains were still visible on the cement.
Police aren't sure why Blair attacked the man, but believe he was high on meth which may have caused the bizarre activity.

"He was like pawing on the fence, he was kind of deranged, talking about the devil being in his head...chewing on the fence," said Sergeant Jon Papaleo with the Fresno Police Department.

Before ending up at the victim's home, neighbors said they spotted the suspect, Blair all around the neighborhood.

On neighbor who didn't want to be identified said Blair tripped over the fence in her front yard and actually left his shoe there. Before that, she heard him screaming in front of her window.

"He said you owe me $5,000 and you better give it to me, or something like that. So, that's why I thought he was talking to somebody on the telephone," said the woman who didn't want to be identified.

Police say Blair didn't give them any trouble when they arrested him. He was put in custody for residential burglary, mayhem and assault with a deadly weapon (the deadly weapon being the broken glass or objects police believe Blair attacked the victim with).

Neighbors remain on edge.
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